Published 2 years ago

The best way to do early access (and get pre-sales) for your SaaS

Getting early-access customers is one of the best ways to get actionable feedback on your product and learn about what people truly value.

Using a no-code tool like Meeps, you can run an early-access program for your product (and receive payments).

For example, using Meeps for early-access you can:
  • Build a waiting list
  • Send out early-access invites
  • Get people to register, fill out a profile, and pay you!
  • Automatically invite early-access members to Slack or Discord
  • Give people instructions on how to use your product in early-access
  • Send email updates to early-access members
Many startups want to build a community around their product. Meeps allows you to do this right from the get-go.

Your early access members are, arguably, your biggest believers. These crucial members will form the backbone of your product's community.
Folks folks have been running early-access this way, for years, on Kickstarter.

Don't wait until you've launched your product to start collecting revenue and getting feedback!

In a product launch, the most crucial stage happens before you've actually launched! This is when you're building anticipation for the product itself, and when you're inviting people to give you their ideas and feedback.

If you're going to collect ideas and feedback for SaaS, it should be from paying customers: people who are willing to put down money, and join you on the journey.

We hope this is helpful!

Josh and Justin at Meeps

BTW – you can still register for the Meeps early-access, and get a substantial discount, before we officially launch! 🎯