Published 2 years ago

An update from Josh and Justin about Meeps

Hey friends!

First, thanks so much for joining us on this journey. There are over 750 of you on this Meeps early-access list! 🤯

A quick reminder: Meeps enables you to run a paid membership site, host a membership directory, run a paid newsletter, or build an early-access community for your product (including doing pre-orders!)

I just recorded a video for you here:

We've had a bunch of you contact us and say:

"Listened to your latest podcast episode with Josh yesterday. Please take my money for your early-access cohort!" 🙂

Today we're excited to announce: now you can pay for early access! 🎉

👉 Sign-up for early access here

(We've already had 2 people who managed to sneak in and pay!)

As an early-access customer, you'll:

✅ Be able to create your own Meeps account/membership site!
✅ Pay a discounted rate (50% off our official base price)
✅ Collaborate with us to make Meeps more awesome
✅ Be included in Meeps' public member directory

If you're curious how we're running our early-access using Meeps, check out the homepage.

Questions? Reply to this email!

Justin Jackson and Joshua Anderton